Our company’s goal is our client’s happiness and euphoria from the experience of free flight. Without an engine, without a cabin. Just the warm breeze in the face.

What is a tandem paragliding flight with an instructor?

A paraglider is an ultra light aircraft, flying without an engine, only by the means of mother nature. We are soaring  in laminar winds and rising warm air streams – the so called thermals. The crew consists of two people – a pilot and a passenger. We take off from a hillside. It is usually enough to just take two or three steps down the slope and we are in the air! It happens that the weather conditions are so good that we can climb up to a height of up to 1000 meters and see the mountains and valleys from a bird’s perspective. It is very likely that we will be flying alongside some of the local residents of the mountains – the eagles. The birds consider paragliders as friendly neighbors in the thermals and a free flight together does’t have to stay a dream. It can become reality.

The duration of the flight depends on weather conditions. On warm rising air streams – the so-called thermals. We land softly on our feet.

All our equipment is certified and specially designed to fly with passengers. The pilot and the passenger are comfortably sitting in special harnesses that are all equipped with airbags and protectors. We always fly with rescue parachutes. All our passengers will be wearing helmets, special flying boots, flight suits and knee pads. We fly only in good weather conditions.


Maximum weight – 100 kg.

Minimum age – 18 years. Minors fly only with parent’s or guardian’s written permission.

Health status – we do not fly with people who suffer from epilepsy or other conditions that might require immediate care.

Intoxication – we do not fly with persons under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Please, do evaluate your condition in advance.